A Brief History of Celtic Park

Books by Members of the
Winged Fist Advisory Board

Interview with P.J. Conway:
President of the Irish-American Athletic Club

Leadership of the
Greater New York Irish Athletic Association

Team Photos of the
Irish-American Athletic Club

Olympic Medalists of the
Irish-American Athletic Club

Olympic Games Photos

Ads from The Gaelic American

American Irish Historical Society
Photos of the Irish-American Athletic Club

Irish-American Athletic Club
Members in Advertisements

Recipients of the NYPD's
Martin J. Sheridan Medal for Valor

1910 Cigarette Cards

Journals and Programs

Robert Edgren Cartoons of the
Irish-American Athletic Club

Maps of Celtic Park

"Spiked Shoes and Cinder Paths,"
The Mel Sheppard Story

Weight Throwing Time-Lapse Slideshows



Abel Kiviat: "Hebrew Runner" of the I-AAC

Emilio Lunghi: Italian Runner of the I-AAC

Jack “Old Baldy” Monument: British Miler of the I-AAC

Myer Prinstein:
The First Jewish & Polish-American Olympic Gold Medalist

Paddy Ryan:
 The Irish Whale of Pallasgreen

Lawson "Robbie" Robertson: Champion Coach of the I-AAC

Francis P. Sheehan: Boston I-AAC

"Peerless Mel" Sheppard

James P. Sullivan: "4.22 Jim"

Dr. John Baxter Taylor Jr.:
The First African-American Olympic Gold Medalist


NYPD Athletes:

Police Athletes of the I-AAC

John Jacob Eller Jr.:
Motorcycle Cop & 'King Hurdler'

John Joseph* Flanagan: Modern Hercules

William Joseph Keating:
Stableboy to Champion Sprinter

Inspector Matthew J. McGrath:
"The Prince of Whales"

Martin J. Sheridan: "A Peerless Athlete"

Richard J. Sheridan: Deputy Inspector




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