Irish-American Athletic Club in Poetry & Prose

"Flanagan, – Sheridan, – McGrath." A ballad from the Irish World, August 8, 1908.

Hail to Our Boys of the USA – Music by Frederick Mead, lyrics by Michael J. Patterson and Joseph F. Coufal, 1908. Published by Fred Mead Music Pub Co., 221 East 53rd Street. Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University.

"Heading the List," by Grantland Rice, published in The Sporting Life, October 10, 1908. From the Digital Archives of the LA84 Foundation.

"How the Yankees Beat the World," by E.P. McKenna, reproduced from the Gaelic American (New York), 25 July 1908, p. 5. From the Archives of Irish America, Primary Documents, New York University.

Martin Sheridan Poem – A tribute to the great athlete, by S.J. Donleavy.

"When Sheridan Hurled the Discus," by Joseph I.C. Clarke, excerpted from The Fighting Race and other poems. The American News Company, New York, 1911. From the Digital Library of the City University of New York’s Institute for Irish American Studies, Center for the Preservation of Irish American Publications.

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The athletes of the Irish-American Athletic Club were not only hailed as heroes in the press of their day, but also the subject of poetry and prose. Below are links to poems or ballads about the champions of the Irish-American Athletic Club.